Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nirvana Bootlegs...

First of all. Flies On a Turd

A great source of nirvana songs, (mainly b-sides, live performances and demos), many are hard to find. Also many you tube links.

Bootleg Information
site for info about all nirvana bootlegs.

I am always looking for B&P 2:1 of nirvana bootlegs. I prefer live Dvds, but audio's still good.

(if you dont know what B&P means...

guide to starting

A list of my current full bootlegs:

Outcesticide IV: Rape of Vaults
- only an outcest, not really a bootleg, still hard to find
Also, i have an original copy, so any of my burning will be first generation.

Recently, i was just sent my first B&P trading. I received.

•MTV's Nirvana Day 2004

•[06-26-92] Dyrskuepladsen (Roskilde Festival) Denmark

•[09-11-92] Seattle Center Coliseum (Washington Music Industry Coalition Benefit) - Seattle - USA (AMT# 1)

•[08-30-92] Reading Festival - Reading, United Kingdom (AMT #4)(Stage shot)

•[05-26-89] Linbloom Student Centre - (Green River Community College) Auburn - USA

ill update later as i get more.

Im currently looking for ANY Australian shows from the 92 tour. Willing to do a 2:1 B&P for these.
But i will trade for any bootlegs you have.

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